Monique Ranieri

Hard-working. Determined.
A passionate voice actress who strives to bring their characters to life!


Monique Ranieri is a passionate and hard-working actress who strives to bring characters to life through lending them her voice! She grew up in the Bay Area, California, where she was constantly immersed in music, theater, and the world of art. She incorporates that love and familiarity into her craft as a voice actress.

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Corpse Party English Dub - Nana Ogasawara


Corpse Party

Monique worked with Syndromedia to bring an English speaking voice to characters 'Nana Ogasawara' and 'Antique Doll' in Corpse Party Extra Chapter 1, and Corpse Party Chapter 2.

Nana Ogasawara is a student from Musashigawa Girl's Middle School, who found herself in a terrifying situation after performing a dangerous ritual. Monique strived to capture the sweet and kind nature of Nana's voice to bring some comfort and optimism to this quite spooky game.

In contrast to this, the high-pitched creepy voice of the 'Antique Doll; is the last thing one would want to hear while walking through a haunted school. Monique was satisfied with her work when her cast mates listened to her performance as the Antique Doll and went 'screw that'.

Cut Some Slack

Monique was excited to work with Divine W. to help bring the character '2-Bit' to life. She has so much fun participating in the kookiness of Cut Some Slack, and relates to the characters as they work their way through their young adult life.

Please Don't Hate Christmas

Monique was happy to work with Syndromedia again, providing her voice for 'Mother' and other additional voices in Please Don't Hate Christmas (created by RiceLoveCoffee).

She enjoys the uniqueness of this game and is entertained by the idea of playing the MC's mother. To each one of her friends who plays the game, she goes “I am your mother now.”